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Companies can try to terminate workers` contracts “under the pretext” of Covid-19 or force their employees to continue. However, this does not mean that contract employees are regularized, they are only paid for the number of days they have worked. The development took place three years after India`s Supreme Court ruled that contract employees are entitled to wages equivalent to those of permanent employees. For the latest news and live updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Learn more about the latest business news on India.com. Nearly 10 Lakh contract workers working in various departments of the central government are now paid like their permanent counterparts, according to a report. Contract employees of the central government should now be paid as permanent employees According to the order, all contract or temporary employees of the central government who work eight hours a day should now receive a minimum basic wage as well as a cost-of-living allowance, just like a permanent employee in the same position. According to a report by DNA, the central government said in its ordinance that all those contract workers who were at home during the lockdown due to the second wave of COVID-19 will be considered “on duty”. Remarkably, the Centre stated that instructions have been given to all departments in this regard to grant them full salary. Read also – Omicron: Mumbai City Commissioner makes a big statement amid the current Covid situation | Read here According to the report, the central government on Tuesday sent a letter to state governments citing the shortage of officers and asking to recommend more officers at the level of deputy secretary, director and joint secretary for the central deputation.

In the letter of the center was asked not to recommend the names of these officers to be promoted, as it will be necessary to dismiss these officers soon. Read also – India announces a second death of Omicron in the Balangir district of Odisha, a patient had no travel history Contract workers for BSNL have not received their salary since December last year New Delhi: While the country is suffering from the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and everyone is affected by it, The central government made a big announcement on Wednesday for central government employees, who work on a contractual basis. The center announced a decision in their favor and announced that contract employees working in various government departments will receive full pay from April 1 to June 30, 2021. These contract workers stayed home due to the COVID pandemic and the lockdown that followed. Read also – International flights to Sharjah start operating today from Pune Airport | Check the schedule, More details In response to a remark that DoPT does not provide any response, JS(E) said that the instructions issued by DoPT on 26.02.2016 on GPF contribution and pension in the old pension system have already addressed this situation and that these employees would be covered by it. Further discussions on this point followed later. Lower cost and easier termination could be one of the reasons companies want to recruit employees The development comes at a time when India reported 92,596 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, bringing the number of infections to 2,90,89,069, while the number of active cases fell to 12,31,415. Currently, workers are not entitled to tips until they have completed five years of uninterrupted service in accordance with the regulations. The number of COVID-19 in India had surpassed the 20 lakh mark on August 7, 30 lakhs on August 23, 40 lakhs on September 5 and 50 lakhs on September 16. It surpassed 60 lakhs on September 28, more than 70 lakhs on October 11, surpassed 80 lakhs on October 29, 90 lakhs on November 20, and surpassed the crore mark on December 19. Staff-Side explained that the Ministry of Railways had proposed that those who had temporary status on 1 January 2004 before the introduction of a new pension scheme in 2004 should be covered by the old pension scheme.

The DoPT had proposed a screening method in its response to the Ministry of Railways. Suggests legal support for temporary employment The Ministry of Human Resources said in the letter: “Care should be taken to ensure that only the names of officials present throughout the mandate under the central employee regime are sent. Secretaries/Deputy Directors under the Central Staffing Regime (CSS) and civil servants beyond are appointed to central government ministries/departments. The strike decision, which the Wall Street Journal described as the first major disruption at GM in more than a decade, came afterward. The new labor laws will later be enacted by the government All these workers will be considered “on duty” during “such a period of absence” and the necessary wages will be paid. Sebi plans to optimize the definition of “employee” by permanently removing it; A report by Amar Ujala revealed that yesterday (12 September), the Ministry of Personnel and Training issued an order corresponding to all departments. “Those who are forced to work at a lower wage do not do so voluntarily. He does so to provide food and shelter for his family, to the detriment of his self-respect and dignity, to the detriment of his self-esteem and to the detriment of his integrity. Because he knows that his loved ones would suffer tremendously if he did not accept the lower salary,” the Supreme Court said in 2016. On the employee side, it was said that these were the causal workers whose services were regularized after 01.01.2004 and why the entire limited period of service before regularization should not be taken into account in the calculation of the eligible benefit for retirees and other benefits.

This is similar to point 29, which will be discussed later. Contract workers are outside the scope of cuts or dismissals and union laws, making such agreements for. The Deputy Secretary (Establishment) of the DoPT clarified that no proposal had been received from the Ministry of Railways for the granting of temporary status. Fie shared that the Ministry of Railways has its own system for regularizing casual workers with temporary status similar to the DoPT program. In its daily bulletin, the Union Ministry of Health said daily infections remained below one lakh for the second day in a row. However, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 reached 3,53,528 with 2,219 additional deaths. .